The majority of all SUP boards and Windsurf boards on the market nowadays do not feature a thread-hole on the deck to allow attaching the base plate of the iRIG. To overcome this we have developed the ADAPTER STRAP for Base Plate.

This simple yet intelligent solution can be attached to any inflatable SUP board within seconds via a webbing strap. Yet its tiny packing dimensions make it fit into any bag.

The ADAPTER STRAP consists of a webbing strap incl. ladder lock and a protection plate and needs to be screwed to the Base.Plate of the iRIG once.


Adapter-Strap for SUPs + Picture 9

Attention: The ADAPTER STRAP

  1. works only in combination with the BASE.PLATE slotted
  2. does not include the BASE.PLATE
  3. is not made for planing conditions, means can be used up to a wind strength of max. 8 knots.
  4. works only in combination with the iRIG (traditional Windsurf rigs are too heavy).
  5. needs to be positioned behind the widest point of the board.

1. Strap

Strap the ADAPTER STRAP onto the board so that it sits at the widest spot of your board.

2. Click

Snap the iRIG into the Base plate.

3. Go

Within 60 seconds you’re ready to go!